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To disrespectfully slap someone in the face with an open hand. The implication is that the person being slapped is not manly enough to be worthy of a real punch. Term is used figuratively to mean putting someone in their place (or diss) in no uncertain terms.
A figurative example: Al Franken was on TV last night and bitch slapped Bill O'Reilly.

When you bitch slap someone, you make them a punk.
by Bill Peters October 06, 2006
306 125
an open handed slap with the front of your hand. Opposite of a Pimp Slap which is with the back of your hand.
black lady #1: Girl, don make me bitch slap you outta her!

black lady #2: Oh know you didn't jus say you was gonna bitch slap me!
by DEATH5089 November 21, 2006
24 32
verb: to Bitch Slap something. In business or academia, when a team project deadline is coming and there is little time to complete it, the team members should be focused on completing the task in short order. The time for the team to form, norm, and storm are over, it is time only to perform. It is a term which brings focus to completing the task at hand. It is all about speed.
"Ok guys, we are really up against a deadline here. I suggest we stop discussing all the minutia related to this project and we just bitch slap this thing and get it over with."

Often applies to preparing team PowerPoint presentations.
by aztntrunner August 09, 2007
9 19
A "Bitch Slap" is for slapping bitches, be them men, women, and/or of the both/neither variety. America is credited with inventing the bitch slap, dawning from when the colonial rebels would bitch slap torries and say "Getteth the hell away from me lest I make you a woman!" The use of the "Bitch Slap" has expanded for use by gangs on rival gangs, vigilantes on wife beaters, and high-rank government officials at U.N. summits on reporters.
G.W. Bush to reporter: "Get out my face, bitch!" proceded by a back-handed "Bitch Slap".
by Eugene Kolesnikov January 08, 2006
19 29
When two men fight like women, although not limited to just men. Can also be described for when two women fight like women. The phenomenon of bitch slapping is further pronounced when during this conflict both parties swat at each other like they are shooing flies/mosquitos regardless of whether any contact is being made. This activity is usually accompanied by high pitched whines, blubbering, sobs and sissified screaming.
Hey guys, stop bitch slapping each other and fight like men!

When John and Brad bicker they begin to bitch slap each other but no blows really land. Then they make up and get back together again.

by PuzZLeR November 26, 2006
19 30
(noun):To open-handedly slap another, due to bitch qualities or tendencies. Powder is sometimes used in this brutal action of supremacy to further strengthen the slapping motion and to provide a distintive white smear across the victim's face. If used correctly, the bitch slap should instill upon the victim a state of fear and cause laughter among those around you.
When Billy ran home, he cried in his dad's lap and told the story of how his bike was stolen.
"It's ok, son", his dad said. "Looks like he gave you a black eye, too."
"Not HE, dad", Billy said. "It was Ashley Jones, the girl from Ashbury Street".
"WHAT??!!", his dad said. You let a little girl take your bike and beat you up??!!"
Faster than lightning, Billy's dad pulled a big box of baking soda from under the chair and gave Billy a bitch slap so hard, he flew right out the door.
by Brandon a.k.a Ice Kold January 07, 2006
17 28
When the female sex puts the male sex in line
HMV will BitchSlap Mike into oblivion \m/
by MetalVixXxen August 06, 2011
7 19
To be truly put down
See the third listing under googleplex. that is a complete bitch slap
by TimdOwen September 10, 2006
8 20