To disrespectfully slap someone in the face with an open hand. The implication is that the person being slapped is not manly enough to be worthy of a real punch. Term is used figuratively to mean putting someone in their place (or diss) in no uncertain terms.
A figurative example: Al Franken was on TV last night and bitch slapped Bill O'Reilly.

When you bitch slap someone, you make them a punk.
by Bill Peters October 06, 2006
A bitch slap is a subtle yet harsh way to make sure they get the point across well and truly. Particularly for those annoying bitches whom just do not get the hint, and keep on and on at you until provoked to 'bitch slap' them, like a wake up call.
Bitch: wanna go out with me....wanna go out with me....wanna go out with me..

Victim: No, you're alright.

Bitch: go out with me, or else.....go out with me, or else....go out with me, or else.

Victim: I said no, thanks.

Bitch: I'm gonna stalk you while you sleep......hear me....stalk you...

Victim: 'bitch slap' now do you get it?

Bitch: I'm going to get you for this, yeah I get it.

Victim: what have I got to do to make the hint sink into her thick skull?
by Long Johns November 27, 2013
1. (v) a slap from a bitch (usually backhanded) applied to one's face.

2. (v) a slap so hard you just have to go wtf.
1. (Male Figure A) "Eww, biatch you stank!"

(Female Figure A) "Aww hell naw!"

-FFA slaps MFA-

(Male Figure B) "Dayum nigga you got bitch-slapped!"
by Flywalker37 August 15, 2011
Bitch Slap also known as Pimp Slap, is when you take your hand and slap that Bitch back and forth until the hit the ground. Lets practice, ''take what ever hand is more dominant and raise it up, have the hand level to the persons nose, then slap them as hard as shit on a brick, it helps if you say left slap and right slap, then you last you say nigga please and slap that bitch until they are gone'' If ''Bitch Slapping'' does not cause much harm then SHANK the bitch.
I Bitch Slap! that hoe while they were titcheerion. Cheerios flew every which way.
by Ghettoblastah October 25, 2010
Any slap in which the palm of the hand is used, as opposed to a pimp slap.
Yo, i wuz gonna bitch slap that fool, but then i realized, wouldn't it be better to just skrew their girlfriend.
by DarthMiniMall March 01, 2009
Rave name of a 5'10, Caucasian, 150lb., brown hair, brown eyed, 18-21yr old male with a lip ring. His real name is unknown. He is infamous for going to massive raves in the southern California area. Sightings have been made at nocturnal, winter fresh, beyond wonderland, fresh anniversary, and EDC. His trade mark light show is very technical and long, but abruptly ends with him literally "bitch slapping" his audience. He has never been caught and has a toll of an estimated 30-40 victims. Be on the look out for Bitch Slap.
While Billy was receiving a light show at Beyond Wonderland, the man performing the light show suddenly back handed Billy like a little bitch.

"Billy! What happened to your face? It's so red."

"It was that Bitch Slap douche! I'm gonna kill him!"

"Where did he go Billy?"

"I...I just don't know..."
by Billy Splendis May 21, 2010
To slap a guy showing little respect for him. The guy getting bitch slapped gets owned.
just bitch slap that fucker!!!
by taco February 24, 2005
A methaphorical or real verbal or physical action that was intended to put sense into somebody.
Tom: "I am so cool"
John: "Stfu, you don't even know what that means"
by ænum November 18, 2010

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