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A slang term for semen. Derived from the assumption that sluts are bitches and they eat semen.
Zach - Did you study with Mrs. Fegget?
Cal - Nah man, I fed her some of my bitch sauce.
Zach - Saweeet. Did she like it?
Cal - Of course, negro.
by Lefty Stroker March 18, 2011
1- Vaginal fluids
2- Vodka
3- Lube (normally a reference for KY)
1- Wow, this dub drop is sicker than your mum's bitchsauce.
2- I'm gonna need like, 5 bottles of bitchsauce over heyah
3- Man, can you help me out? i really need some bitchsauce for tonight.
by Aidsan December 10, 2010
(n) The act of being rude and unecessarily bitchy.
"Lay off the bitch sauce Anne!"

"Man you handled that all wrong, you need to lay off the bitch sauce next time you talk to a customer like that."
by The Keeler Bros. April 12, 2007
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