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Can be used in place of anything that you strongly dislike. May replace a person, place, or thing.

2)That place is horrible , I'm never going to that bitch nasty again!

3)He doesnt know how to cook, so he burnt them bitch nasties!
by Rae04040404 November 03, 2006
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When something is so gross you cant bare the thought ,

thats when it goes from gross to nasty , bitch nasty...
Bitch nasty can be a person, an act, or a trashy wedsite, or image.
There is so much bitch nasty on the net.
she is bitch nasty!
by Alana13 June 06, 2009
Meaning, Tight shit.
0r just nastyy.
Damn That Giirl was Bitchnasty. Crazyy as hell.

You See heather Dancing over there,
Here Moves Were Bitchnastyy
Yo nigga tell yo bitch to get checkedd
I smell some bitchnastyy creepin.
by Tiffany Daniels March 30, 2008
A bitch nasty can be defined as anyone who is a "Nasty Bitch". They can be nasty for any number of reasons, including being overly angry, or dumb, therefore having a nasty attitude, or by being ugly, and unattractive, and having a nasty exterior.

That Bitch nasty yelled at me without reason!
by God's honest truth January 30, 2008

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