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sone one who acts like such a bitch (see bitch) that you want to take a huge muffin and shove it up their ass.
Marshall stop being such a goddamn bitch muffin!
by billy joe bob April 22, 2005
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A confusing, endearing/insulting name given to someone that you really like, but who occasionally pisses you off. Everyone hates bitches, but everyone loves muffins. Bitchmuffin.
Brian: "Yo that girl Nicole is such a bitchmuffin"
Rett: "Yeah, I love her like muffins, but she can go buckwild sometimes"
by buttshex November 08, 2009
A small person that looks like a rat, tends to have a bitchy attitude and takes pleasure in judging other people's appearance.
That tiny bitch muffin just judged my outfit. I feel self-conscious now.
by VanillaIsMyBro April 22, 2011

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