when a "bitch" is so fugly(fucking ugly) that she looks like a man
person 1: omg look at him with her

person 2: ewwwww she's a bitchman

person 1: i know!!!!!!!!

person 1&2: *throw-up* at the sight.

person 1: i've seen transsexuals hotter than her
by urmomishere May 17, 2009
Top Definition
A bitch man is an effeminate, servile husband or boyfriend that takes all the crap his bitchwife wants to throw his way. Pussy whipped husbands, more than willing to be abused by their bitchmistress.
I couldn't believe how those elephants were trashing their bitch men.
by Jim Inman August 17, 2006
A man who goes from single batchelor to declaring his love for a woman over Facebook, taking her to the pub with his mates, despite not going with other friends and their girlfriends, and moving her into his house within weeks of her being his girlfriend.

He never comes out on his own again and even puts up Xmas trees in his house
Ben was a player with his own crib, then he met a girl and changed into a real Bitchman
by chappers283 December 08, 2011
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