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A highly sensitive male who enjoys sailing, hails from a family of hippies, and if you were to cut his legs off, his torso would look like a penis.
David: Why don't you hang out with Colin anymore?
Jessica: Cuz he can't take a joke and he has bitch hips.
by hippieclamp69 May 26, 2008
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Used to describe a male that for some reason has curvacious womanly hips
Jim: So whadya think of the new guy?
Luke: Kind of a homo.
Jim: I think his figure on a woman would be astheticly pleasing.
Luke: Yeah, dudes got some serious bitch hips.
Jim: Lets see how he carries this laundry basket.
by Jimmy bojangles January 11, 2007
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A man who has an anemically underdeveloped upper body, giving the overall illusion that his hips are wider than his shoulders.
Despite his disciplined workouts, Gil sadly suffered from a harsh case of Bitch Hips.
by Lexi Fulton October 14, 2011
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A man born with hips wider than the span of his shoulders. This body type is typically found in motherly women however sometimes God will deal a cruel blow and bless this body proportion upon men.
Joel looks creepy, I think it's his bitch-hips.
by aj July 11, 2006
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When someone is shooting any type of long gun (rifle, shotgun, musket etc) in the standing position and they lean back, away from the weapon.
Kyle was totally bitch hipping that 12 gauge, nearly fell on his ass!
by omega52 December 28, 2011
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