What someone ate for breakfast before doing or saying something particularly bitchy.
"My boss just yelled at me for being away from my desk for ten minutes. I was in the bathroom."

"Well, somebody had a big helping of bitch flakes this morning."
by sleslie2425 May 25, 2013
Top Definition
a cereal consumed by women that turns them in to major, major beotches by the afternoon. an extremely dangerous concoction.
Damn, woman! You must've had an extra bowl of bitch flakes this morning.
by Roble Rocks October 13, 2002
A derogatory term for a female who not only whines like a motha fucka but is extrmely unreliable in all situations; A female who is forced in the middle of the back seat of a car to aliviate the homophobia in a cock infested car. Usually associated with nasty band girls.
Chealsea is a nasty whore bitch flake, I made her sit in the back seat with my two fat friends.
by Sebastian and Amanda May 10, 2006
the preferred breakfast dish of a person who is naturally bitchy
woman: richard!! clean your damn room if i ever have blah blah ....etc.
son: what the hell mom did u eat an extra bowl of bitch flakes this morning!?!?!
by Robbie Teodorovic May 04, 2008
A unique insult. A clear combination of bitch and flake. Also an ingenious punk rock band
Mobius: STFU Glenn
Glenn: Lavos is a fucktard
Mobius: PWNED
Shaft: OWNED
by Lavos October 20, 2004
Bitchflakes occurs when someone is very pissed off. Usually it is because someone woke up and didnt have their breakfast. Generally women have this.
Taylor- wow man everyone is so gay and the surf sucks.

Jonny- wow someone had too much bitchflakes this morning.
by Central Coast January 06, 2009
Dandruff on the bush
Oh shit I have bitchflakes, now I have to go buy some head and shoulders.
by Saddam Hussien September 15, 2003
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