Someone who is really mean and is a woman or man...or is nice or mean and has a mean look on there face.
"Don't give me that Bitch Face...
by The real Jonah please stand up February 07, 2010
Top Definition
Any person whose face makes them seem like they're a bitch.
Person A: @*$!3Y looks like such a bitch.
Person B: No, shes not. Her face just looks like that, she has a bitch face. Shes actually really nice.
by Webster292929 December 04, 2008
Any person whose face looks just like the face of your standard bitch. Also used to refer to someone whose face will not stop bitching or is perpetually bitchy
Hopwil is such a bitchface! But Dark Hades is worse, he's such a big fucking bitchface.
by Magnimar February 24, 2004
A face that somebody gives when they are angry/annoyed/irritated. Meant to ward off any bystanders who will further bother said person. This is a look that can kill, if need be.
"Shit don't look over there, girl got a badass bitchface on!"
by a_real_bitch March 31, 2009
1. someone who is overly annoying to such an extent to which you cannot take their stupid upon stupid behaviour anymore.

2. someone who is very conniving and does everything to be a selfish cow.

3. someone who never appreciates what others do for them and bitch about their efforts, simply taking the piss.

all of the above are carried out in a bitch like manner

you really feel like slapping these people with a big wet, stinking fish.
A girl who gets herself pregnant through trapping her boyfriend, telling him she is on the pill. That girl is an original bitch face.

when someone purposely does or says something to directly and particulary annoy, hurt, spite or make you real mad. That person is being a bitchface.
by purpleplum May 20, 2009
One word; the game face of women athletes in a highly competitive sporting event.
megan despite playing safety kept her bitchface on the entire second quarter.
by Thorusaurus November 12, 2015
The phenomenon that occurs when you don't feed your girlfriend/wife who is generally a nice person. The bitch face mode can come on quickly. Please use caution. This can be caused by lack of food and bitch face can come on several times a day. More so during certain times of the month.
"Babe, if you don't hurry and cook dinner I am 5 minutes away from bitch face."

Female: I had such a bad day at work..
Male: "That's a nice story babe now go make be a sandwich before I get bitch face on your ass".
by Cobi Spiker May 27, 2012
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