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a girl who thinks shes better than everyone who surrounds her. She also will have a stuckup attitude.
Dude no, im not goin with taylor shes a total bitch.

yeah...i sure would hate to be that bitch.
by marcus....of Bytwn March 09, 2009
10 9
1) A person, often female, who does not accept the way another person is and actively tries to change them for his/her benefit or pleasure.

2)A female dog used for breeding.

3)A person, usually a guy, that refuses to do anything interesting or fun because his mind is wrapped around the risks.

4)Anyone who complains excessively, even though they are the only person with their particular opinion.

5)Someone who either sits in the middle car seat, or in a spot that isn't necessarily meant to be a seat in a car.

6) An effective pronoun when talking about something cool.

Denise: I'm tired of the way you dress and I don't like your friends. Get rid of them and wear what I give you.
Dave: Fuck that noise. I'll come back to you when you stop being a bitch.

2)Get that bitch over here, let's make some puppies.


Jack: I don't know guys, we could get into trouble...
Dave: Grow some balls, bitch.


Janet: Football is retarded and boring. Stop watching the fucking game and put on something interesting, like VH1 or MTV.
Mark: Fuck this bitch, let's watch the game at my place.

5) Mark and Dave, you two are sitting bitch.

6) Yo! That's a sick pipe, lemme get a hit of that bitch!/Damn, that pipe is bitchin'!

by tell-it-like-it-is-yo October 26, 2008
7 6
Anybody who is !purposly! mean to othere ppl or purposly have an attitude all the time.or doesnt care about any1 els.
but if they have a reason to be mean or have an attitude they are not a bitch.
and care for other ppl
other person--Can i have a peice of paper?

bitch--no damn why don't you bring your own u lazy ass
by Juggalettebaby:) October 07, 2008
4 3
can be used as an insult or just to describe a female dog
it can also be said someone is bitchy or they bitch about someone
oh my god your such a bitch
did you see that bitch she's horrible
by Rosie boi May 21, 2008
8 7
1. female dog
2. moody irritable rude girl
3. when a guy is totally whipped by his girlfriend or wife
1. Your bitch is adorable

2. That bitch deserves to get her ass kicked!

3. Damn, dude you are completely whipped.
by portedo May 07, 2008
7 6
a slang pre punctuation mark used to further emphasize a point in a sentence or phrase. This usage is becoming increasingly popular especially in the United States due to FCC allowing the word bitch to be said on daytime television.
"whatever, bitch!"
"You know what, bitch!"
"Ugh, bitch!"
by Melanie H. August 30, 2007
12 11
1. Women in general.
2. A specific grouping or type of woman, acting in a manner that is generally irratating, slutty, whorish, or any other way. All women are bitches.
A great African-American poet put it best by saying:
Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks/
Lick on deez nutz and suck the dick
Get's the fuck out after you're done/
And I hops in my ride to make a quick run...
by joethesinner September 09, 2005
34 33