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When you are talking in a group of people and all of the sudden somebody complains about something and everyone else starts bitching about it too. Similar to a bandwagon.
After the Captain of the soccer team remarked how oppressively hot it was outside, the rest of the team hopped on the bitchwagon and started complaining about the weather
by voconavem September 24, 2010
An automobile with 4 or more woman on board.
Bro, look at the bitch wagon coming this way.

The police pulled over the bitch wagon.
by big Man Manu Mana January 04, 2013
1.Noun. John Joseph Anders, Hip-Hop Extraordinaire, MC, Jazz Bassist.
Also known as "The Wagon" or "Booty Smackums"
2.Noun. A Large Customized Vehicle.
"Hey, look over there bitches, its Bitchwagon"
by The Wagon August 09, 2006

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