A word defining a man with saggy tits, do to the fact he doesn't work out and likes women around the age of 15.
Wow, look at the bitch tits on that guy.
Tyler really let his bitch tits go.
Papa princes bitch tits go flopping when he runs to first.
by B.Tits Antio May 24, 2012
a fat ass titty normally on black fattys from the hood.
Man, that nigga got some bitch tits!
by TheDoucher July 08, 2009
A heavy set man with masquito, or cone shapped nipples.
Hey look at that man with the bitch tits, he needs to put a shirt on
by mokestahhhgirl May 11, 2009
The tits of a female dog.
My dog was barking so I kicked her in her bitch tits.
by yannimyfanny March 11, 2008
N. One who holds the qualities of a woman on their period, yet is a male.
Wow dude! Ronald is being a bitch tits today.
by mmbaby March 26, 2010
a man that has fucking massive tits
shit, look Stevens got bitch tits, there even bigger than his girlfreinds
by IM JUST A CHICK WITH A DICK November 05, 2012
1). Term used for one who is lacking tits
2). A man WITH tits
1). "She got tiny bitch tits"

2). "That fat fuck got some bitch tits"
by BRose420 August 07, 2008

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