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A heavy set man with masquito, or cone shapped nipples.
Hey look at that man with the bitch tits, he needs to put a shirt on
by mokestahhhgirl May 11, 2009
1 3
The tits of a female dog.
My dog was barking so I kicked her in her bitch tits.
by yannimyfanny March 11, 2008
21 23
N. One who holds the qualities of a woman on their period, yet is a male.
Wow dude! Ronald is being a bitch tits today.
by mmbaby March 26, 2010
2 5
a man that has fucking massive tits
shit, look Stevens got bitch tits, there even bigger than his girlfreinds
by IM JUST A CHICK WITH A DICK November 05, 2012
0 4
1). Term used for one who is lacking tits
2). A man WITH tits
1). "She got tiny bitch tits"

2). "That fat fuck got some bitch tits"
by BRose420 August 07, 2008
4 8
Usually refering to an overemotional cunt who has mental problems. Although not commonly used online, it has gained popularity with the more younger population.
Man, Jessica was such a bitchtits!
She kept crying over some little shit that doesn't even matter and she's always whining over some guy or another!
by Shortstuffasdasd March 03, 2012
3 8
noun or verb. when yiu make someone your bitch. or expressing extream dislike to a person or event.
you are acting like a little bitch tits. dont get short with me bitch tits.

mauricio...most douch bags...little bitches.
by xxmrvipxx March 26, 2011
0 5