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A derivitive of bitch. Commonly used in circles where the word bitch has lost most of its meaning from over use.

A bitchtit is:
1. (n) A person who lacks all good qualities (i.e. A scenester/DDR freak/a jock)
2. (n)Literal: The tit of a bitch, or female dog.
3. A exclamation, see fuck, balls, shitfuck, ishboo
"That F-ing scenester kid is such a dirty bitchtit!"
by Ishboo June 28, 2006
I man with large breasts!
Son: Dad, do you need a bra
Dad: What?

Son: Dad you have freaking man boobs
Dad: Why are you looking?! No I don't!
Dad: WHAT?! -slaps son-
by MadHatter96 December 02, 2010
another word for manboobs. Manboobs are when a man has saggy titties and looks as if he has never entered the gym. His body probably looks 50 years older than his real age.

man i need to go to the gym and get rid of ma bitch tits!! pronto!!
by scott jimmy weir June 14, 2007
A word describing someone who "Nags" a lot, usually for no apparent reason, made popular by youtuber "Mrnotthatfamous" a.k.a Sinc.
Sup bitch-tit, are you done telling me whats wrong in this world that you cannot change?
by Bitch Tit August 24, 2014
What you call your sisters when they get boob jobs, and then taunt you with how perky their breasts are.
I'm so jealous of your perky knockers. From now on, I'm calling you Bitch Tits.
by The Saggy Sister February 17, 2014
The official street name for the hallucinogenic drug 2cb
I tripped my nuts off last night on that bitch tits.

Hey man you want to bump this bitch tits?

Damn this bitch tits is burning the shit out of my nose!

This bitch tits has me tripping!
by Austin Caldwell February 05, 2010
1. A derogatory name for a friend who has achieved ultimate failure. The phrase is often accompanied by a disappointed look and facepalm and/or head shake.

2. It may also be supplied in a command.
1. Rachel - "Omg! Did you know July 4th is the Fourth of July????"

Tyler - "Oh Bitchtits... *facepalm* just... just no."

2. Travis - "Yo Bitchtits, Grab me a soda!"

Brandon - "Ok!"
by sweetsighlullaby September 20, 2012