A male with larger than average breasts.
Bob, Bob had bitch-tits.
by Ryan Harms October 19, 2005
when a steroid users nipples become sensitive and supple like a woman's
yo bitch tits'
by assylum January 06, 2009
Man with rack
Matt cook. A.K.A c-cup
by Brandon Hilton October 17, 2003
1) Feminine breasts present on a male's body; the progeny of steroid use, over-eating, or horomonal disorder.

2) A derogatory nickname for a bitchy, silly, annoying person of objectionable moral fiber. Can be used affectionately, or seriously, normally in a command statement in the latter case.
-> "John does tons of 'roids, and has a strange testosterone deficiency, and thus has a set of knockers that merit the wearing of a C-cup sports bra at all times. Man, does he have some bitchtits!"

-> (Dialogue employed for illustratory purpose)
Ando - "Yo bitchtits go get me a coors light!!!"
bitchtits - "I don't want to!! Wahhh!! Did you know I'm a pro paintballer?"
Ando - "You're a bitchtits! Your pathetic nature rules out the possiblility of your posessing any athletic prowess, ever!! Go get me mah fuckin beer!"
bitchtits - "Yes master"
A word used to make fun of one of your friends, by belittling them. A bitch that usually has tits regardless of gender. Can be used in any opening statement such as a greeting, or as a method of retaliation to anyone that has made a harsh comment to thee. It is a widely used word in the North West side of Chicago.
What's up bitch tits?

Walker: You better cup this bag you vagina fingers.
Rodgers: Fuck you bitch tits, you're throwing off my game!
by Walkstar May 20, 2007
Fairly common in overweight males. As the guy gains more and more weight, he appears to develop cone-like bitch tits. Usually accompanied by motherly nipples.
Holy shit, Paul Lell's bitch tits are out to here!
by Bento March 06, 2003
The nasty boobs you grow from eating too much fatttening foods. When you suffer from obesity you get moobs aka bitch tits. I kinda look like a woman from growing a set of bitch tits. Ladies tend to laugh at me for it and i have a hard time taking off my shirt.
i hate having bitch tits.
by Salvatore Harry Vitale IV. October 30, 2008

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