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When someone rats on you like an asshole for trivial things. An extension of "hall monitor."

(See hall monitor)
Go tattle to your mammy, bitch rat.
by coldchicken23 November 02, 2003
Someone who is a real pain in the ass to be around the majority of the time you chill with them, but is good for a laugh here and there. Also, they aren't very attractive. Resemble a rat in some way and would be one of the first people to rat you out in fear of getting caught themselves.
Noname: "I really wish he wasn't such a bitchrat every time we hang out!"

Nunya: "True...there's no way to avoid him."
by Tearysky77 October 26, 2007
Wow this girl is sucha bitch rat
Shes pulling a Stephanie!
by YourBallSack May 28, 2011
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