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Figuratively, the testicles of a woman.
When a woman is balsy, she's got bitch nuggets.
by Julie February 27, 2005
16 16
When saying "bitch" doesn't exceed your amount of frustration that needs to be to be expressed.
"my dog tore up some toilet paper from the trash! Gah what a bitch nugget!"

"Ahh that little bitch nugget took my last piece of gum!"
by Kirstenn.Lil February 05, 2009
38 8
When someone is acting like a bitch, and you don't really want to call them a bitch- instead, you call them a bitchnugget. Bitchnugget will catch them off guard, and they will engage in vomiting.
*Martha is being a bitch*

"Martha, you're being a bitchnugget!"

*Martha begins to projectile vomit*
by Temple University September 07, 2006
30 3
someone thats a little bitch, or acts bitchy.
My girl friend is being a little bitch nugget with slut sauce, she says i cant hang with yall 2nite.
by Bernardo Mannie Barba October 20, 2007
19 10
1.another way to say shit in a more creative way

2.female dog feces
1."AAWWW Bitchnuggets, I just messed up!"

2."Dude you just stepped in Bitchnuggets!"
by Setlik0 May 30, 2008
9 2
Exclamation. Can be used instead of saying "shit", or "fuck"
Jack-Oh sweet, this video chat is gonna be sweet
Computer-I'm sorry, this doesn't work. You lose!
by supercool335 March 28, 2010
7 4
The lesbian that sits across from your cubicle at work. She wears men's clothes and also enjoys the website
April "Uncle" Jones is a such a bitch nugget!
by I need more work to do October 29, 2012
2 2