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This is a black person, who is gay or a pussy and mostly on the downlow. They listen to rap music a lot and usually have been raped in prison. A nigger can be considered straight, if he cums in a man's anus and enjoys it, but he's a bitch nigger, if he ends up getting raped by a gay nigger.
Damn. I raped de fuck out dat bitch nigger. I fucked him in de gap in his teeths, while he was all mumbling bout Jesus to save his monkey azz. I aint gay doe. I likes to fuck in de man azz not be fuckked in de man azz.
by Wickey Wack August 06, 2007
1) someone who sucks at life
2) A male who gives a woman anything they want in hopes of someday getting into her pants
3) anyone who is perceived as being weak in strength, skill, game, and/or life
4) someone who does what he's told and never thinks to disagree or confront someone
2 That bitch nigger paid for the whole night and he didnt even get laid.
4 Dude, why you gotta be such a bitch nigger, just tell him to go fuck himself
by volodymyr June 27, 2006
To act as a coward (see chicken shit)
"Please don't hit me!!! I am bitch nigger!"
by Truthsayer July 29, 2005
A word often used in online gaming, especially Call of Duty 4, to describe a player that either:
1. Sucks
2. Plays like a bitch or
3. Plays like a nigger (meaning they cheat)
"Dude a guy on my own team just shot me, what a bitchnigger!!"
by Chris blkadfnlafn June 25, 2008
One who hates someone for no reason and slams down hate and tyranny.
Robert Patterson is such a bitch nigger for trying to steal Bella from Taylor.
by DanTheMan247 July 23, 2012
A nigger who acts like a little bitch like caleb poulter and wh sucks ass and can'dt fight or do anything right like a low life piece of a shit
Caleb poulter is a bitch nigger
by awesome ass April 14, 2011