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Gloves. Specifically, gloves worn while rowing, lifting weights, or doing any other activity that normally causes a person to develop callouses on his or her hands. Refusal to remove and dispose of these gloves earns the wearer the title "Princess Bitch Mittens."
"Uh oh. Lisa snuck her bitch mittens into the boat again."
by yay_fisticuffs November 05, 2012
58 3
A perjorative term for regulation boxing gloves, especially in the context of bare-knuckle pugilism.
This is a real boxing bout- no Bitch Mittens allowed.
by The JDH November 05, 2012
5 21
Bitch Mittens is when a person, male or female has an extremly obnoxious pair of gloves on. The term can also be used to define is some one is acting as an obnoxious pair of mittens.
Example 1--A woman has a pair of mittens on that were knit to look like pink elephants. You have the right to walk up and say whats up bitch mittens?

Example 2-- Some one is annoying you, and you respond with get otta here "bitch mittens."
by Spyro912 December 17, 2009
10 33