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Like Bitch Ass Nigga. insult which means that a nigga is actin like a bitch
MC Ren's song "Bitch Made Nigga Killa" : "You know the color the villain's in black /
Bitch made niggaz better watch they back /
You know the color the villain's in black /
Beatin niggaz ass and its like that "
by FrenchLascar187 February 11, 2004
74 66
A man who was made by a woman. In other words, his bitch made him who he is today. In actuality he is the bitch and she is the nigga in the relationship.
-You see that nigga over there? He do whateva his girl say.
-Tch. That's a bitch made nigga right there.
by Mcashmoney1 June 11, 2008
145 61