a bitchy person with big lips.
"hey whats up?"
"shut up bitch lips"
by alyssa n jaylene May 01, 2008
Top Definition
Noun, plural. Colloquial term for the labia i.e. the lips of the vagina.
Loretta walks around in a too-short skirt and a too-small thong so that all the guys can see her skanky bitch lips hanging out.
by Wrong-side-of-the-tracks July 15, 2008
Bitch lip is a phrase in which a person packing a lip (doing smokeless tobacco) takes a tiny pinch that is almost unrecognizable as an actual lip. Comparatively, a bitch lip is the opposite of a "mouthpiece" or a "upper and lower mouthpiece". In the former, said person dipping packs the lip throughout the bottom teeth all the way from the front to the molars in the back; in the latter, the idea is the same, however both upper and lower teeth are packed (the almighty grail of dipping).
Ryan: What are you a girl doing that bitch lip?
Jake: What do you mean?
Ryan: Shut the fuck up... Unless you be a man and stop doing that bitch lip, repack with an actual lip, or go all out with a mouthpiece, I don't even want to be seen with your ass...
Jake: Ok, pass the tin...
by afugurd April 07, 2010
This is just an fun insult that you can call someone instead of a CUNT, TWAT, DICK etc.
Oi John mate there was no need you bitch lips

Shut up bitch lips
by Scobular1 July 06, 2009
A girl with big ass loose lips, and i's ain't referring to her face.
Hey bitchlips! Get your ugly ass over here and give me head.
by Daddy Bitchlips July 31, 2003
A person that is a faggot or has lips like a bitch
Hey that person is a faggot with bitch lips and needs a hiding mother fuckers our what g unit peace brother
by maxey sup g banger April 27, 2006
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