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when a slut kicks you when you are not looking in an unexpected place like the balls.
my whore bitch kicked me in my nuts when i wasnt looking.
by add John Gallie to Facebook. March 06, 2008
an slang way of telling some one you got kicked in the balls by some bitch

aka: a bitch kick
OH FUCK!!!! dude some whore just ran up and Bitch Kicked Zach. fucker droped like he was made of led!
by Alex johnson March 10, 2005
adjective. used to describe a wild and out of control person whose actions are annoying and/or disturbing.
I asked the waitress for another fork and she got all bitchkicks on my ass.
by Joe Fedcamp October 02, 2006
to side kick someone in the face ... its like a bitchslap ... but with the top side of your foot
Frostbite just BitchKicked that fool into stupid
by xxFrostbitexx November 05, 2012

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