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An office job in a clean, air-conditioned environment with no manual labor involved. This job requires no life-or-death decisions, no sales, and mostly paper pushing. The job is mostly reserved for large government bureaucracies and some corporations, and is mostly performed by bitches.
She scored her self a bitch job. She be eatin cake and shit while her man be sweatin at a construction site.
by dc99 March 27, 2009
The complete oppisite of a blowjob.
Chris: "Ah man Brenda just gave me a Bitchjob , It makes me feel as if the last blowjob I got is now null and void. Man am I ever the complete oppisite of happy."

Shawn: "Dude I fucking hope you pull through, this my friend is a sad sad sad moment."
by Brunnerman April 02, 2009
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