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Hitchhikers who flip a shit because cars pass them by.
Because if you ARE a bitchhiker, they don't want you in their car in the first place.
I saw that bitchhiker run into the road and flick me off in my rear-view mirror...
by GoatNoises2 December 14, 2009
n. A hypocritical hitch hiker that compains about the use of automobiles out of perceived anti-tech, possibly pro-environmental concerns, yet continues to utilize the services of said automobile.
Shana thinks people who drive are idiots even though she still hitches rides with them; she's a real bitch hiker.
by Yanev August 28, 2005
A female hitchhiker.
:Why didn't you pick up that female hitchhiker?

:Oh, you mean that Bitchhiker? I dont know.
by mnajc May 19, 2011
see the incorrectly spelled bitchhickers
- (driving) ...and that's why the muppets are so much cooler than sesame street.

- stfu and lets pick up those bitchhikers!
by crincled May 17, 2011