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In all actuallity, a contradictory term because of the difficulty of having a friend like this. But it is a prior friend who has recently got a girlfriend or fuck friend and ditches you and your old friends to have sex with his prospective partner, who he believes will be with forever... loser. In all honestly, we all potentially have these in different degrees as we all know, sex is awesome and in our attempts to both combine sex with our good friends we finally determine it is an impossibility. Basically experience with these succupuses or succubuses will bring us all back to reality.
Bitch friends come to light around the end of high school and throughout college
by Caladonia February 08, 2008
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When someone you consider a real friend acts like a total bitch.
Manny: Hey! I hope you don't mind, but I ate your fries 'cause they was getting cold!
Joe: Why thank you! I knew I could count on you as my bitchfriend!
by medicalmechanica August 02, 2010
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