When a girl goes crazy and starts yelling.
"God, don't have a bitch fit!"
by Amanda February 09, 2005
Top Definition
-When a person, usually a female is angry and upset about something and starts whining/crying/yelling/screaming/throwing things when things don't go their way.
-Basically its going all PMSing and Godzilla like.
-Also can just be "BF" if you can't curse in front of certain people.
-Made famous by the Wayans Brothers comedy "White Chicks."
Ex. "I am SO FREAK-IN' PISSED! I think I'm gonna have a bitch fit!"
by LoganLesnarMarvel August 26, 2005
When a bitch goes crazy on something or someone
Oh man she's trippin wit another bitchfit.
by Jon August 05, 2004
When a person of the female or male species throws a temper tantrum. They throgh a hissy fit and act like a bitch, hence "bitchfit." Or when a bitch gets feisty.
Girl: "OMFG! I cannot believe you did that! How could you...blah blah blah"
Boy: "Damn, stop throwing a bitchfit."
by n0wayitsem April 26, 2008
This usualy happens when a girl has had a very bad day and some thing just pushes her over the edge. Then she goes and does some thing totaly nasty, uncalled for and bitchy to some one who didn't deserve it. These sitations should be avioded at all times.
"Dude the other night i accidently broke this girls handbag and she started to go all read and was giving me the evils"

"So here friend was all like get out of here she going to have a bitch fit"

"I just stopped ad ran"
by Finnerty November 27, 2009
when someone pisses you off so much you just snap and start flipping the fuck out

you do NOT want to be near someone when they have a bitchfit
Jane: THE FUCK YOU SAY? etc.
by swaggeroniANDcheese April 25, 2016
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