A generic term used in the refferal to a person that you do not like, who has wronged you or gets on your nerves.
Girl 1: Gosh, Dianne Hoover is such a bitchface!

Girl 2: I know, I hope that when I go up to the office I don't see bitchface.
by Ashes for Peace October 05, 2009
The phenomenon that occurs when someone, usually a female, losses their coolness for a temporary period of time. Bitchface mode can come on quickly and can even occur several times a day - more so during certain times of the month.
Example 1: "Whoa dude, your girlfriend is being such a Bitchface today!"

Example 2: "I work with the biggest Bitchface ever! If I knew I wouldn't lose my job, I slap her in her Bitchface."
by hindmanjj March 25, 2013
one who is constantly killing the mood, being the ultimate douchebag, getting loud and ghetto with you when they're at fault, basically the lamest tard-nugget ever to walk the face of the earth. not really liked by many people...although tolerated. someday you'll probably just snap on a bitchface and they won't even see it coming due to their over-all lack of smarts and knowledge.
OMG that girl is a major bitchface. I hope she falls down and scrapes her knees. Preferably on a rocky road covered in ants.
by yeahyourlysuckmyballsack May 08, 2010
a person who is extremely annoying and/or stupid, annoying, conceited, slutty, bitchy, untruthful, or all of the above.
Sheldon was being a bitchface when he ignored me yesterday at school.
by seu533333333 September 22, 2007
1) someone who is so very bitchy that you wonder if they have recently been butt raped
2) someone who does crappy, bitchy, and rude things to others for there own pleasure
3) a self-absorbed hoe-face bitch who needs to be shot in the nose
Teacher: "Now I know it is the last day of school, but we will be taking a pop quiz on all the things we have learned this year. If you fail this test you will have to take this class over this summer. Begin."

Tasha: "What a bitch-face."

by kiraz April 18, 2007
insult. another use of the word bitch.
bitch+face= bitchface
"ya YOU, you big BITCHFACE!"
"ooooh BURN!"
by hello-ther-sailor!! November 26, 2006
someone that is annoying, an asshole, a bitch.
that bitchface just stole my waffle iron! now hows i supposed to eat me some breakfast? bitchface!
by mitchell au August 14, 2006
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