1. noun: A woman (especially a married woman) who commits or has committed a flagrant and heinous behavioral act that goes against her normally benign and predictable nature.
2. noun: A male who becomes bitchy and/or excessively agitated by a meaningless, insignificant event.
1. "I can't wait until bitch eyes gets all of her sh-t and goes away for good.

2. "Chill out, bitch eyes.. nobody's shooting at us."
by badkarma August 04, 2003
Top Definition
when smoking a cigarette some of the smoke goes into your eye and causes it to hurt
smoker 1: ow bitch eye!

smoker 2: whats that?

smoker 1: the smoke went into my eye!

smoker 2: haha
by B-RAD B October 15, 2010
the look your ex-wife or your ex girlfriend gives you.
that slutwhore Dianne gave me the BITCH-EYE yesterday,made me want to knock her teeth straight.
by j minton July 11, 2008
Derogatroy term used as a joking insult usually after you've been drinking

origin: Wabash,IN
Hey Bitcheyes! Bring me another Molson!
by Derek Speelman September 03, 2006
Someone who you can tell is an ass just by the stupid look in their face, mainly there eyes.
The guys I work with have bitch eyes, mainly the ones with beards.
by Adam Goldfish July 11, 2009
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