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A bitch call is used to refer to somebody who calls and lets the phone ring once, then hangs up. Therefore, it seems they tried reaching them and therefore care. Usually, a bitch call is used so the other person has to call them back. Or an excuse such as "I tried calling you." is used.
Oh, I missed a call from my girlfriend!

No, you just got bitch called.
by STTDWG March 13, 2008
A derogatory, disparaging term used to verbally buttfuck someone after doing you a favour or following an order.
Often "earched" for frequently by young males in order to belittle one another.
"Go and Get me a fifth of that Ten High Whiskey."
Person follows order and brings beverage, making them a target for the "Bitch Call"."
"That's a good bitch."
by Big Eshay Eskae October 16, 2006

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