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Thigh-high, usually black leather boots with long stilletto heels. Because of the common practice of dominatrices wearing such boots, they give the impression that the woman wearing them is dominant, confident or at least outgoing, regardless of whether or not she is actually a bitch.
"There's nothing quite like a hot girl with a perfect navel, great legs, and bitch boots to top it off"
by Ian Evans December 11, 2006
A way of describing a powerful, no nonsense lady (usually the boss) in the workplace, usually when kicking her staff into shape. Not necessarily a bitch, may or may not be a babe, may or may not be wearing heels or boots at the time of sorting her staff/the problem out. Not language advised to be used in front of said boss, although it is generally considered a complement.
Guy 1: "Lynne put her bitch boots on and sorted the problem out."
Guy 2: "Sweet!"
by Navaro.D September 22, 2012
The shin-high, tan, typically furry boots that rose to popularity in mid 2004. The wearing of such boots nearly demands any passers-by to remark loudly as to the bitch status of the wearer.
Guy 1: "Dammit, my girlfriend wants to get a pair of bitch boots."

Guy 2: "Unacceptable. Leave her."
by E Mizzle. February 22, 2005
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