a compliment that can mean multiple things.
1. too cool for words
2. bad ass
3. freakin' sick
4. ghetto fabulous
5. damn sexy

Can be prounced by slurring(speeding up) the bitch and stressing the short "a" vowel so it sounds like beachaaaaaaaaaahs
1. Wow check our Sara's BITCH ASS shades, i gotta get me a pair of dem
2. That was one BITCH ASS move you just did on that board, i hope you didn't break your arm.
3. woahh! How do you do those BITCH ASS dance moves that's like amazing!
4. That hat is so BITCH ASS, i wish my lid was dat cool.
5. That bustier looks so BITCH ASS on that chick I would totally love to hook up with her.
by Melina um sexy! April 20, 2008
Top Definition
one who likes to yell as if they are tough but when someone gets serious back at them they become a pussy.
were you at the party when chris made that bitch ass kid shut up.
by wolf January 11, 2005
Popular name for the University of Maryland mascot Testudo. Originated from a rumor that rubbing a stature of the mascot would bring good luck. After this ritual brought many students misfortune, the name Bitchass was chosen in reference.
Make sure to avoid bitchass before your exam.
by Robert Sanner December 05, 2004
someone who gets on your nerves badly
"What a bitchass"
"stupid bitchass mofo"
"get the hell away from me bitchass"
by kara December 16, 2003
Someone/something who is afraid to do something. A real pain in the ass. They don't like taking chances and to just go for it. People/things who swim up stream and can't just go with the flow.
"Quit being such a bitch ass and do it!"

"Ah man what a bitch ass!"

"My car is being a real bitch ass."
by amerika5889 September 30, 2009
No known origin, this word derives from the street slang equivalent for words like 'Coward', 'Scared'and 'Punk'.
Meaning to be afraid, unable to 'step-up'.
Also used in conjunction with the terms 'nigger' or 'nigga', 'trick', 'fool' and 'motherfucker'.
Mark called Duane a bitch-ass motherfucker for backing down from a fight.

When Shirley found out Alana was dating her man behind her back, she stated 'I'm gonna beat that bitch-ass trick for fucking with my man!'
by Ocera December 22, 2004
to basically be a pussy, to be a bitch.. umm to bac out on something or not be down(:
mann, your such a bitch ass

quit being a btich ass and fight me!
by &roni; hollaaa(: April 12, 2009
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