Top Definition
1.Some one that is always messing up and or messing up someone flow ( aka game ).
2.Some one that broke somthing.
Term is used to show displeasure
This Bitch ass trick called my girl asking to chill
by joey-joe September 16, 2003
1. A girl who doesnt know how to play COD very well
2. If a girl does something bad you demote her back to bitch ass trick
1. God, morgan is being such a bitch ass trick
2. Morgan, you just got demoted back to bitch ass trick.
by Dtrann February 25, 2010
is a little ho (one not worthy of respect, usually female) who likes to be fake about things and rude to people
Lindsey Lohan is a bitchasstrick.
by Mr. Bitchasstrick March 24, 2005

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