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A cryin', whinin' ass punk of a man, whose feminine side is dominant
* For a great example of a bitch ass nigga, see that McDonald's commercial where the guy says "But Samantha wanted Hors D'oeuvres" punk ass mutha fucka!!!
by ac degrees June 23, 2005
131 248
Noun; An Uncle Tom, stoopid ass motherfucker sucking U.S Dick
Colin Powell
by J Love December 20, 2003
18 161
A bitch ass nigga is a man: who squats to pee, who switches when he walks, who crosses his legs all the way with his hands on his knees for support and comfort when he sits, who defends homosexuals, who makes love while listening to elton john, who shops at Hollister, who plucks his eyebrows to bring out his eyes, who sings "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...", who holds another man's pocket,or who is in denial about being a bitch ass nigga is MOST DEFINITELY A BITCH ASS NIGGA
ru-paul, wesley in Tu-Wan-Fu, Use your eyes for seeing and your ears for listening and you find a real bitch ass nigga
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