A bitch ass nigga is a male who really don't admitt that their wrong, the only way he will is to find something wrong u did as well, until eventually its just you that was wrong not him (the mind games is a characteristic of a bitch ass nigga too). He don't respect females none and will argue with they girl in public with their child with them. A bitch ass nigga walks away with something of yours constantly just to make himself feel better because he cant win the argument. A bitch ass nigga will get female tendencies and will talk behind yo back sometimes. He will say sorry just to get you back where he want you and start doing the same stuff all over again. It's impossible being in a relationship with a bitch ass nigga.
(After a heated argument)
That bitch ass nigga is walkin off with my money that I've been waiting for for weeks and I finally got it today on my birthday and he's taking away money from my daughter too!

BITCH ass nigga text hours later: I needed money because I knew I couldn't come back home after all that and have to eat, and stop saying I took money away from my daughter! You should have just came to the side to talk to me like I wanted you to

So me not talking to you because I'm in a rush and low on patients with you makes it right to take my money????
by fucklove489 August 14, 2014
Vinny cataldo Aka bna Femine little bitch with a tiny dick who gets no biddies and is borderline retarded
Yo he is such a bitch ass nigga
by Papito A $ January 19, 2016
A guy who acts like a woman but is also a stupid fuck. Always complains about the simplest things, won't do anything for anyone and can't do shit. Likes cock in there asshole.
*3 buddies are at a Chilis*
TristanLarry: Hey Evan pass the ketchup.
EvanRaftobitch: No, I can't, I'm too cool and I'm a major douchebag faggot.
SamSwag: *Drunk AF* C'mon Evam, just pass him the damn kethcupz
EvanRaftobitch: Nah, I already said I'm a cocksucker and I can't.
TristanLarry: Wow, you're mean, we can never be friends anymore because I'm a fuckin crying poon.
SamSwag: *Drunk* Yous guyzes are fucking bitchassnigga. You bitchassniggazz stop complai -- *too drunk and passes out*
by Saaam December 26, 2014
niggas that post shit on this bitch ass site
Me: typin shit on google
Me: click on urban dictionary
Me:wtf is this shit
Me: asks my fren what dis shit be
Fren: A bitch ass nigga
by dis dick nigga December 15, 2012
A person who always asks or begs others for pocket change or small amounts of money.
Man #1: "Hey, let me borrow $3.50."

Man #2: "I ain't lending you shit, you bitch-ass-nigga!"
by codeman4505 February 15, 2009
When a white nigga won't stop associating with a hoe. This nigga is blind to what this hoe has done to him multiple times. Even though he might have broken the relationship he will still get back with her because she is like medusa and will not let him away and keep him as a trophie . Even after she calls him useless and a bitch and worthless he sees past that because he is a bitch nigga.
This Bitch ass nigga got back together with 5-guys.
by TheCreatorOfTime January 20, 2016
a man, not necessarily a black man, but a man in general who just ain't about shit, and ain't trying to do shit. he probably spent some time in jail, and isn't very educated, or he can be a supposedly model citizen, but is just really fucked up. See, scrub, faggot ass bastard, or swordfighting mu'fucka
Bilal, Raheem, Kareem, etc. Ladies, we all know at least one
by The Mack December 10, 2003
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