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A girl that's so uptight and nasty that she feels the need to get on your case every single time you do something wrong.
That bitch ass ho yelled at me again today because I didn't take out the trash.
by madjackal May 02, 2004
1. a scoundrel
That bitch-ass-ho cut in front of me in line.
by Bruce Citron August 28, 2003
comes from the ancient ghetto; often used when one got very angry with another and wanted to call them three thingsa t one : a bitch an ass and a whore thus the word bitchassho
person #1: fuck yo get outta my bed
person #2: YOU BITCHASSHO!
by Magdalene December 21, 2004
preppy white girls getting in touch with their inner thug listening to rap on the way to the club. No grill, no bling-bling, and they don't understand a single phrase that Homey "G" says a thousand times in the song. They all got a little gangsta in 'em though. Neutral gang colors, giving props to the peeps, Got they mind on they money and all that. Fo shizzle!!
Man, them bitch ass hos be trippin fo sho!!!
by crack28 June 12, 2008
a bitch ass hoo is a ho and often gets fucked by black people
that bitchass ho is gettin fucked by a black person
by bobbleguy March 27, 2008
The Bitch Ass Hos are an exclusive group of the most amazing people known to Smuggs. With their own yurt known as 'The Clubhouse', anything can happen. They specialize in pictionary, poker, and twister. No one messes with the Bitch Ass Hos.
I was hanging out at smuggs and there were these hot Bitch Ass Hos in the yurt, I just couldn't take my eyes off of them.
by Carollynn August 27, 2006
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