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a rude,disrespectfull or insulting person.
Why did you give her my phone number you bitch ass bitch?
by kyle January 20, 2004
A person that keeps annoying you and they won't go away.
Person:Hey hey come see this!please please please!!!

Person 2:Shut up,bitch ass bitch!
by Visual<-->Cafe July 10, 2008
A phrase one without a broadened vocabulary might use as an insult.
(a guy throws something out of a car window and hits a Transam while they are both going down the road)

-Transam Guy steps out of car to "impress" his woman-

TG: What the fuck do you think you're doing, you bitchass bitch!
by Fel Rene April 03, 2009
A person who is found to be conducting themselves in such a manner that they are lower than just a bitch, they are a Bitch-Ass-Bitch
Dude, we were in pacific beach and Austin started puking after drinking only 3 beers and Chris and Tim started screaming at the bitch-ass-bitch.
by Glommb Tlavin September 06, 2008
Bitch ass niggas who are just twice the bitch and are usually too afraid to hit you if you call them this. Hit that bitch ass bitch anyway.
Guy: Shut your mouth, bitch ass bitch.
Bitch ass bitch: You're lucky all these people are here, or I would totally hit you.
by HazeTheHazer July 03, 2013
jacob berny bitch
he also would be a virgin
and he would bitch about erything
a bitch ass bitch would say "o yipee! i won 20$ im going to leave the casino"
or "i would go out tonight but i have an accounting test in two weeks"
or "lets watch pathfinder"
and he would jerk off to the racounters/jackwhite/anamie porn
by yo'boy March 30, 2011
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