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A word used to define power. It is similar to such acknowledgments as Sir or Master and comes before the use of someones name.
Tim: Bista Kevin you are the man.

Kevin: As are you Bista Tim

Tim: You're damn right
by Tim Stiefler May 29, 2007
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A fat bald Eastern European guy who thinks he's gangsta. Walks around in a stolen grey blazer and a brief case but refuses to show the contents within the case. Says he's a big shot in a big corporation that sells lawyers (I know, wtf, right?) but everyone knows he sucks dick for a living. Thinks he's a playboy by adding random girls on Facebook and asking them to like his pictures, then sends them creepy messages and pictures of his tiny knob. Tells everyone he's Russian but he's as Russian as a Cuban cigar...Anyone called Bista is known for their incredibly small, pathetic, useless cock.
Person 1:Hey man... I ain't got no dick...

Person 2: Hello Bista!
by ThePerser April 15, 2015
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The actual meaning of "bista" is punk ass bitch hoe.IT can be used as a adjective or noun

-The originators of this word are asante and brandon. THEY ARE SAVAGES!!IF YOU MESS WITH THEM THEY WILL SMACK YOU AND CALL YOU A BISTA!!

-be sure to buy asante and brandons dictionary coming to a hood near you...
the perfect example of a bista is your mama or ek**n*!ONLY WE KNOW WHO IT IS}

"Quit actin like a bista"

"I called Asante and Brandon a hoe, then they smaked me and called me a Bista, man im dumb for calling them that"
by Asante & Brandon January 04, 2007
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