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Any type of gun, usually a small fire arm.
Keep talking and I'm gonna feed you a bisquit.
by Christopher February 18, 2004
62 31
Someone who is cute, little, soft, and sorta yummy but bland.
That girl is such a little bisquit.
by Lisa Pizza 78 July 22, 2009
15 14
Sean's tit
daaaaaamn look at dat bisquit.
by Fred the mother fucker September 30, 2013
0 2
the cracked and dried up back of the heels on a persons foot you see when people wear sandals.
girrrrl, you know you're wrong for wearing those sandals without a pedicure first......Do you want some gravy to go with those bisquits ??????
by petetron August 18, 2006
0 4
an alternative biscuit. for those who are too legit to quit.
"aye neeck! get the bisquits off di counter. ouna shkiaphona?"
by Elvira Worcestershire March 31, 2010
5 11
an attractive young female,
hey kevin check out that bisquit
she's a lil bisquit
by Johnny MC October 11, 2005
20 26
A woman's boobs, tits
wow, look at those bisquits - just wanna squeeze them, don ya?
by Kate Lesley March 02, 2005
4 11