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short for bishounen, which literally means beautiful boy or pretty boy in japanese. usually describing a guy who has effiminate features as well as a slight build.
not necessarily a negative or positive word, its all in context.
"aww! that guy is so cute! hes so bishy!"

"man! that guy looks like a chick! haha! iv never seen anyone so bishy!"
by Shinigami Dani July 18, 2003
short version of Bishounen, used to as an adj. to describe a very cute guy.
OMG, Duo is Bishy, with his long hair and cute eyes!
by Bishy Fox-boi October 23, 2003
A term used by anime fan girls Otaku and Weeaboo, often as the term used for male anime characters, who the fangirl, wishes was real. Often there is a list kept, ranking every preferred anime male. The lists are often posted on sites such as Deviantart or facebook.
"Omg, him, he's totally going to be a bishy!!"
"My Bishy list is soo long now, I'm not sure but I may cut a few out."
by Rusgeth October 24, 2012
Using two hands to vigorously shake a womans breast
Things got wild last night after i gave her a bishy
by jdoggystyle March 31, 2007
Using two hands to vigorously shake a womans breast
Emma really wants the bishop to bishy her.
Emma thinks the bishop is a bishy
by giles3 March 18, 2008
its also the nickname of my self billy robertson and i totally rule so fuck all you that disagree you all suck

also see bish
hiya bishy your the man
by Billy Robertson aka bishy aka bish November 25, 2004
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