The art of bishounen will never die. While they were a key role in Shounenai & all of it's predecessors, it's much less common in modern BL, especially anything Be X Boy produces.

Of course, bishounen is a loosely used term in America used for a pretty boy of any age. Bisyouta or Bishouta is a cute little boy & Biseinen is an attractive man while bishounen really refurs to teen boys with effeminate beauty.

For you men out there, most chicks in Japan PREFUR girly looking men. Look at Gackt & Izam, they had & still have girls crawling all over them.
Eroica Yori Ai wo Komette started off Biseinen; the men had femmish faces & they were tall, thin, & had tight flamboyant clothing. These days they look more masculine, have grown shorter & more muscely & their hands aren't nearly as slender.
by Allaiyah June 25, 2004
1. Japanese word for "pretty boy". Very feminine.
2. Weeaboo word for "gay emasculated fuck".
Bishounen are considered the Japanese ideal of beauty.

Young girls are often attracted to bishounen because they resemble them, and are less threatening than masculine men.

I hate bishounen.
by nat s. March 18, 2008
"Bi" is the kanji character for "beautiful"

"Shou" is the kanji character for small

"nen" is the kanji character for age

Thus when you combine the three you end up with beautiful young person. It's mainly used for boys, but can be used for girls as well.

Usually only used for kids up to junior high school age.
He's a bishounen


She's a bishounen
by Walt October 28, 2004
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