This term is the used by an extremely drunk man for his woman when she is yelling at him for having pissed on the toilet seat again.
God, you're sush a bish.
by thebiggestbish November 15, 2003
Short for Bishop, Penis in hand. See Wank
Peter whacked the Bish with vigour.
by Ben Bishop October 30, 2003
One who has bad acne and an affinity for cheese popcorn.
Check out Bish over there picking his nose.
by Mole September 18, 2003
Dishes that have sat in the sink so long that they have become scorned.

Any dirty dishes that no one wants to take responsibility for.
Everyone is responsible for their own bishes.
by RCYP October 17, 2010
1. Someone or something which is overwight or FAT.
2. Derived from one Catherine who is overweight and FAT.
1. He is so bish that when he sits around the house, he sits around the house
2. Your a bish
by Nimrod Daniel October 14, 2006
A shortened version of the word bitch. Commonly used when it is inappropriate to swear. Mostly used as an insult.
English Teacher: Did you get your homework done last night?
Student: No.
English Teacher: Why not?
Student: Because you're a bish
by groundedpidgeon December 21, 2003
A Bish is several different things, it is a shortened abbreviation of the word Bitch, it is a small boy who has gay sex everynight, it is a greasy-haired midget who believes he can get any girl he wants, and fancies many gay men, it is some1 who cannot get laid so must rely heavily on masturbation, to ease the pain of sexual tension and a scheming little grease ball who thinks he is great at everything, and loves men, and loves attention he gets from being gay.
bish: hi im (your name here) and im a bish, just thought id let you know

person:shut up you fucking bish bastard
by louis stevenson January 21, 2005
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