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A shortened version of the word bitch. Commonly used when it is inappropriate to swear. Mostly used as an insult.
English Teacher: Did you get your homework done last night?
Student: No.
English Teacher: Why not?
Student: Because you're a bish
by groundedpidgeon December 21, 2003
A Bish is several different things, it is a shortened abbreviation of the word Bitch, it is a small boy who has gay sex everynight, it is a greasy-haired midget who believes he can get any girl he wants, and fancies many gay men, it is some1 who cannot get laid so must rely heavily on masturbation, to ease the pain of sexual tension and a scheming little grease ball who thinks he is great at everything, and loves men, and loves attention.
bish: hi im (your name here) and im a bish, just thought id let you know

person:shut up you fucking bish
by louis stevenson January 21, 2005
its the nickname of me billy hee hee
hi bish how you doing
by billy robertson November 15, 2004
abbreviation of bishie or bishounen which is the japanese word that describes an attractive to the point of feminin young man...or pretty/beautiful boy.
Uchiha Sasuke is one hell of a bish!
by thekkibs July 15, 2004
1. its a bear and a fish combineed a bish...ya its a bish

2. short word for bitch but friendly and fun...rofl
i hate u bish
by dinoD April 16, 2009
The meaning of Bish is a Fish and a Bitch
A fish usually stinks, smells, has bad odor, and usually come from Bangladesh. A couple of Bangladesh decent girls are mean and called Bitches, but they stink, smell and have bad body odur to go along with it
Sanjana: blah blah your so blah blah blah blah blah ( yapping)
Joshua ( in his thoughts): damn she's such a bitch -_- and her breath fucking stinks
Sanjana: joshuaa your soo dumbb
Joshua: your sucha bitch, and seriously your breath stinks, brush it 5 times a day PLEASE !
Sanjana: hmph
Joshua ( in his thoughts): finally she shut up!
Sanjana: Joshuaaa :@ did you touch my ipod?
Joshua: yeah :$
Sanjana: yap yap yap yap
Joshua: wow she's a bitch and she smells liek a fish....
Sanjana: joshua i told you liek to never touch my ipod
Joshua: k i wont now quit being a bish
Sanjana: a bish?
Joshua: yes a bish
Sanjana: whats that?
Joshua: your a bitch and a fish... BISH bitchh
Sanjana: ohh:$ ( gigglez... then farts)
Joshua: SERIOUSLY? fucking bish.. m leaving -_-
by Vinthulan23232 March 29, 2011
the complete meaning of a s d and m. THEY ARE DAS BIGGEST BISHES AROUND Like bitch but shorter
omg look at dat ratchet bish.
by LIVVVVVVVVVVVVV August 31, 2014