that stuipd bish
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
it 'splendid' 'wonderful' 'great'
wow that new top is so Bish
by Olivia April 21, 2003
AzN slang for bitch. My friends thai roomate can't pronounce bitch so she says bish instead.
Bish, why you off flip me? Why you flip off me, bish?
by G-Spot March 01, 2003
take it as you want word commonly used word when u can't think of another word
you ... bish
by combat666 August 17, 2008
noun, The way to say bitch in a Russian accent
Russian guy: Hey you a bish!
by emmmmmmmmmmm May 03, 2007
a very rude, judgemental, and stuck up person.
student1: "ahh i love mrs. jones."
student2: "she gave me an F that bish!"
by fgtface April 13, 2007
The name of the juggernaut.
"I'm the Juggernaut, Bish."
by Mr Indigo November 11, 2006

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