Wife of Darence, matriarch of the Caderance family.
Get in the kitchen and make me a pot-pie, Bish!!
by Darence January 06, 2004
commonly used in michigan's upper pennisula; this timeless insult is used when a swear word is inappropriate; (i.e. work, in the company of children, or great grandmothers)said in one fluid motion (one syllbal) BISH replaces the forever loved BITCH (see bitch) in a swearwordless insult.
rabble rabble bish
bish = female fish
person 1 : Hi
cool guy: shut up bish !!
by aza123 December 10, 2009
Mispronunciation of the word 'bitch' as did Charlie Murphy's 'Gusto' in the Chris Rock classic, "CB4"
Whuss yo name, bish...?
by datn*gga June 04, 2009
a strange creature with wonky eyes that only comes out during the night to prey on unsuspecting men and lure them back to her layer where she does unspeakable things to them. Often, a Bish can be spotted in ocean sounding clubs with large amounts of alcohol and tobacco with generally amazing companions.
"There's a Bish"
"OMG, hide the KY jelly and run!"
by the green fairy January 25, 2009
To receive a good or full amount, more than expected.
That is a bish tens.
by Jamie April 26, 2005
A gay little boy....
You are a Bish
by Funnyguy October 01, 2003
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