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commonly used in michigan's upper pennisula; this timeless insult is used when a swear word is inappropriate; (i.e. work, in the company of children, or great grandmothers)said in one fluid motion (one syllbal) BISH replaces the forever loved BITCH (see bitch) in a swearwordless insult.
rabble rabble bish
18 30
that stuipd bish
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
11 23
it means..how 'splendid' 'wonderful' 'great'
wow that new top is so Bish
by Olivia April 21, 2003
8 20
AzN slang for bitch. My friends thai roomate can't pronounce bitch so she says bish instead.
Bish, why you off flip me? Why you flip off me, bish?
by G-Spot March 01, 2003
37 50
the male verson of a bitch
yo, stop being a bish mang
by AunVoh December 09, 2002
5 17
(noun) singular and sometimes plural

the "unintentional" or intentional mis pronunciation of the word fish and or bitch, which then becomes a slang word for a prostitute, female dog, or bitchy person/ marine organism.
the little boy asked "Mommy can i have some bish, you know i love bish".

your such a bish, ya know that.

i would like to eat some bish

have you ever seen a bish stick
by ehsan THE MaN December 02, 2009
6 19
take it as you want word commonly used word when u can't think of another word
you ... bish
by combat666 August 17, 2008
3 16