FUCK MY LIFE. said when extremely angry at life and do not want to say "FUCK MY LIFE" or FML, since they are so widely known.
"Ah. Matt and Ty ditched us at lunch again. BISH!"
by savsarah March 08, 2010
bish = female fish
person 1 : Hi
cool guy: shut up bish !!
by aza123 December 10, 2009
Australian Sealing/Roadworks slang for Bitch
"man, that bish is hot!"
by Joelxtc August 23, 2007
A bitch, used in a playful manner. Very common among fans of J-rock.
Fooch you, you silly bish!
by Beau McClelland December 11, 2006
An acronym of sorts:

B - Beautiful
I - Intelligent/interesting
S - Sexy
H - Honey

Created by me and my boys back in 2001...
"I couldn't help myself, I just had to holla', shorty was definitely a bish."
by C-Money #3 October 24, 2006
Wife of Darence, matriarch of the Caderance family.
Get in the kitchen and make me a pot-pie, Bish!!
by Darence January 06, 2004
Mispronunciation of the word 'bitch' as did Charlie Murphy's 'Gusto' in the Chris Rock classic, "CB4"
Whuss yo name, bish...?
by datn*gga June 04, 2009

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