penguin otherwise known as a BISH
by nickipinki March 23, 2010
A Derogatory Word For Bitch'.
by Crusifie September 14, 2011
Vagina, a woman's Cervix, a woman's clitorus. bish is a definition of a woman's urinary groin.
I straight licking ya bish!
by Markass1991 February 01, 2014
like honey, lovey, darling, sweetheart and others--but for best friends only. Girl best friends only. Came from the word "Bitch" but this word is kinda harsh and bad so it was re-word to "Bish"
girl 1: Hi Bish!! I miss yah already.
girl 2: Bishhhhh!! Glad to see you i miss yah too :)
by salwksjfnelkjfh4b August 28, 2010
the spanish slan word for male organ
El bish breaks everyone. Your such a Bish Face
by el bish June 14, 2010
Another term for bitch
That hoe is a straight bish
by kmrt September 02, 2008
A Retard slur for the english word Bitch. How a retarded person says bitch.
I'ma put you to sleep bish!
What the hell you lookin at bish?!
by Knight Ridah July 22, 2008

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