a nice way of saying bitch. The way you say bitch to your friends when you want to insult them.
Jorie is such a bish.
My sister took my phone. What a bish!
by Kristen_Stewert07 March 06, 2013
can be used in place of many words, but mainly in place of bit or fuck
"bish off"
"in a bish"
by archy December 19, 2004
Something that is too rubbish to have a full word attached to it, so it becomes merely "bish". Can be combined with "minging" to create the rather beautiful binging
The media studies student presenter of Top of the Pops is BISH.
by Kate Connolly February 10, 2004
(noun) singular and sometimes plural

the "unintentional" or intentional mis pronunciation of the word fish and or bitch, which then becomes a slang word for a prostitute, female dog, or bitchy person/ marine organism.
the little boy asked "Mommy can i have some bish, you know i love bish".

your such a bish, ya know that.

i would like to eat some bish

have you ever seen a bish stick
by ehsan THE MaN December 02, 2009
bish means complete shit, which comes from a man called bill bish who lives in my town who had shit breath so altho bish means shit it come from the word smelly
thats fucking bish marra
by sheiky September 08, 2005
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