someone who is attracted to both male and female genders. They are not sex crazed. It is wrong for guys to hit on bisexual girls just because they've made out with other girls.
Im bisexual, you wanna make something of it? :)
by Frankii Mae May 05, 2009
Describing something that has the romantic and/or sexual attraction to both genders. Although it was once a word used almost solely to describe someone who ACTUALLY is bisexual, it has come to also mean attention-seeking, scene kid.

Please, unless you are actually bisexual, don't come out as one. Typically, people who aren't and do, will say that they are straight again soon after. This has already lead to the much of the LGBT community to hate on bisexuals and others outside of it to think being LGBT is a choice.

Being LGBT isn't a choice, so stop acting like it.

Person 1: Zach is dating Samantha.
Person 2: Wait, I though he dated Stan. Isn't he gay?
Person 1: Nope he's bisexual.

Scene kid 1: yah im totaly bisexual now c:
Scene kid 2: o rly? so u wanna go out sometime?
Scene kid 1: nope i only date boys. dating girls is gross XD
Actual bisexual: Shut the fuck up.
by VoodooPenguinPH February 18, 2013
Someone who is fucking awesome.
Tila Tequila goes down on girls and guys. She's bisexual.
by Bobby.M July 10, 2008
Bisexual is sexual attraction to two or more genders. Someone who is bisexual can be attracted to men and women, men and nonbinary people, women and nonbinary people, or women, men, and nonbinary people.

Bi does not mean "attraction to men and women." While a bi person may only be attracted to men and women, that is not the only kind of bi to be.

source: I am bisexual
"Erick likes guys, girls, and nonbinary people."
"What is his sexuality?"
"He's bisexual!"
by Birate December 21, 2014
People who, sexually, get the best of both worlds!
Alannah was bisexual so she got the best of both worlds from her boyfriend and her female "friends"
by The Fall Out Fan August 24, 2007
One who finds dating women and men equally wonderful.
Jack has been in a successful relationship with Bob and Jane. Jack is bisexual.
by elfqueen February 24, 2015
You'd have a romantic or sexual relationship with either gender. Not necessarily particular towards male or female. Many uninformed people think that you could be either gay, straight, or lesbian. Many bisexual people are singled out as weird, different, special, messed up, etc.
You can be bisexual, yet still be attracted to the opposite gender.
by The Corrector March 21, 2015
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