a man by the name of Eamon,with very little abs and a little nub!
eamon wheres your penis
by PunkRockBitch October 05, 2004
Someone who is greedy sexually, or needs to 'play both fields' in order to succeed.

Also - many 'alternatives' claim to be bi-sexual because it is 'cool' and they seek social acceptance.
"Amy is only bisexual because she's too fugly to rely on dating guys only.'
by Malgrimace August 23, 2005
A bunch of whores who believe they are soo cool because they will fuck anything that walks. They love breaking up happy relationships because of what they want, they will get into relationships dealing with 2 partners. They will have sex with anybody who says "yes." And they mock homosexuality by saying they are just like them, while fucking guys and girls. Mainly just men who are afraid of coming out of the closet, and girls who want attention so desperatly that they will be in this club. Bisexuals often try to say that they are just as opressed as gays which is not true, seeing that almost every bisexual gets thier ass kissed, and cock sucked for saying they are.

Wow, Jane is a slut.
No, she's just bisexual.

by A Right to Be Hostile February 13, 2006
This is a "female" who enjoys getting railed but also enjoys eating pussy, thus she goes both ways. Only a female can be bi sexual, any male who thinks he is bi sexual is simply a confused faggot (see also cocksucking faggot) as there is no such thing as a male bi sexual. (see also bi-sexual)
We have some bi sexuals coming over later, so we can get them wasted and spit roast them while they eat each other out.
by C_Dog23 April 11, 2006
people who like to do both sex's n fancie their m8s jus to satisfy their mingy lil needs.
1)fancy m8s boi/gal
2)going from man to woman (spread disease)
3)looking ming going round wiv gals (on dates)
4)an embarrassment to human kind
5) r as straight as a super flex rula

bi bi *cough cough*
she is a bisexual i am a hetrosexual we are homophobic!
she likes it with both sexes she is a bisexual
by loz November 24, 2005
Term used to describe people who don't particularly care who gets them off, so long as it happens as often as possible.
"Sheila wasn't giving me any play, so I hooked up with Jake for the night. It's cool, I'm bi."
by Siegfried Zaga May 24, 2005
Usualy someone who is such a loser they cant find someone of the same sex to date so they double their chances of finding a mate by sayin they "swing both ways. Otherwise known as despirate.
These are pathetic losers who need tho get a grip on life and grow up.
by kelly killer May 11, 2005

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