See non-existant. Bisexuality is a myth; a fable, if you will. The term refers to a fantasy orientation in which a man or woman is physically attracted to both genders, however, these so-called bisexuals will only be seen dating members of one sex and occassionaly hooking up with the other. This is done by attention whores.

Women who consider themselves bisexual are actually:
A.) So undesirable and irritating to be around that they have to hook up with other women as a last ditch effort for attention.
B.) Dikes.

Men who consider themselves bisexual are actually:
A.) Gay.

Bisexuals can typically be found at Hot Topic or at lame emo/hardcore shows.
Robin: Guy's think it's pretty hot that I'm a bisexual.

Alex: You're bi? Where's your girlfriend?

Robin: Well, I have a boyfriend. I don't have a girlfriend right now...

Alex: Have you ever?

Robin: Uhh, no... but I DID kiss another girl at a party the other night.

Alex: Riiiiiiigght.
by Chernorizets Hrabr February 17, 2008
What all women truly are, although most never acknowledge or even realize it.

What all closeted gay guys try so hard to believe they are, until the day they finally wake up and accept reality.
Linda: I really enjoy sleeping with men and women, but I can't say I'm bisexual because people say I'm just trying to be hip.

Jack: I'm not gay! I'm bisexual! You have to believe me, please!!
by Occasional visitor January 21, 2006
The sexual mutt. The sexuality that is mixed between both heterosexual and homosexual. The sexuality that is also presently very popular with females.
That bisexual guy over there, as most are, is really sexy!
by raspberry (lust) muffin May 02, 2005
The act of being selfish when it comes to liking a certain sex. You cant just like girls, or boys. You have to like both.
I'm a very selfish person. I'm also bisexual.
by unxsolvedxlove April 19, 2006
a sexy biotch who aint a lez but gets her jollies teasing other biotches while still givin you a good time. aight?
That Trina is one bi sexual biotch, aight.
by 9637 February 15, 2005
a man by the name of Eamon,with very little abs and a little nub!
eamon wheres your penis
by PunkRockBitch October 05, 2004
Someone who is greedy sexually, or needs to 'play both fields' in order to succeed.

Also - many 'alternatives' claim to be bi-sexual because it is 'cool' and they seek social acceptance.
"Amy is only bisexual because she's too fugly to rely on dating guys only.'
by Malgrimace August 23, 2005

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