-a cool way to say that you are hot to both guys and girls

-a cool way to say you like guys and girls

-you're confused about your sexuality

-what i am
straight boy: that bisexual guy is hot!!!!!
straight girl: I thought you were str8?
straight boy: dude, he is like as hot as a girl, it doesn't matter (hard on in his pants)
by someone out there is gonna get me October 11, 2006
none existant.

you are either gay or you are not.

unless your name is Sean neef. then you justa butt pirate.
everyoone claming to be bisexual
by gandolfthetangerine May 02, 2008
A gay guy who has sex with women sometimes.
Pedro claims to be "bisexual" because he's hooked up with girls... what a homo.
by Sean1 October 01, 2007
Someone who can walk into a room and see everyone as a piece of ass
David was dating Ricky, but he was having a little somethin-somethin on the side with Jeannette, and when Ricky found out, all of them had one big bisexual orgy X-D
by Amerikan0Perfekt14 July 13, 2005
Simply stated, a person who is willing to get it anywhere they can.
"I told you honey that there is no such thing as bisexual.. just greedy gay people!"
by hlwo August 05, 2007
Someone (male or female) who dig both the cock and the pussy
Ryan: I am not gay because I sucked Jon's cock, I fuck bitches too!
Mike: That means your Bi-Sexual!! Your half Fag!! Eww!
by Dumby August 03, 2007
in best case, a person equally attracted to both sexes. in most cases:
1. straight girls trying to get attention from men.
2. gay guys who aren't ready to come out of the closet.
i have some bisexual friends and then some "bisexual" acquaintances.
by nerm December 23, 2004

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