morgan s
My name is morgan s and i am a bisexual
by sdfghjgfghfdghgfghjhgfghjgfghu August 25, 2008
nothing wrong with that. more meaningful then being gay, and more funner then being straight. you can please everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
nothing wrong with being bisexual. everyone is in their teenage years
by sebastoin pequot February 07, 2007
What 95% of the 'homosexual'males in the redneck city of Edmonton Alberta refer to themselves as, so that they aren't "one of those fucking faggots"
Bi male seeks bi male, because I'm bi, yes, I'm so bi. Really.
by BiGuy March 31, 2005
A term widely used to describe a man or woman who prusues sexual endevors with partners of both genders. Canadians are also commonly bisexuals.
"Raj Mundae is a fucking bisexual, and I'll be damned if he ever makes eye contact with me again."

"Raj is Bi-?"
"Ya, but mostly he enjoys sucking Yannik's fat chode."
by STFU tigglebitties November 21, 2006
A person that is gay and strait.
Attracted to both genders.
by W/e March 24, 2005
People who are wayyy too horny for their own good...
that girl is bi sexual because she likes pussy and cock.
what a bi sexual.
she is such a bi sexual.
by benew January 25, 2009
what most of my school think they are but they just say it to fit in.

but its the liking of both sexes ;

like omg shes bisexual so im like, bisexual OMGZZ lets date!!
by mandaaaaa July 05, 2006

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