A make believe sexual orientation in which a person claims to be attracted to both sexes. Usually gay men who are afraid to come "all the way out" and seem to think being bisexual is more acceptable, or women, who participate in sexual relations with women to impress men and make up for a lack of self esteem caused by childhood sexual trauma.
"My wife is bisexual, we bring girls into the bedroom all the time!"

"John is totally bisexual, he bangs pussy all week. But Saturday and Sunday he lets dudes brick in his mouth..."
by Straight Dave October 27, 2011
everybody, whether they want to admit it or not.
"i went through this whole quandary--am i gay? am i straight? then i realized, no, i'm just a slut. where's MY fucking parade?"
--margaret cho

"i helped my best friend shop for cocktail dresses. she looked pretty sexy in all of them, but i told her to get the one that's cut low in the back."

"why is it always so awkward in the locker room? oh, because everyone on the varsity football team is a flaming bisexual."
by i'm ju5t 5aying... December 07, 2005
girl: I like to sleep with boys and girls, because I am bisexual
guy: don't you mean greedy?
by sirchipperton June 21, 2011
A person who decides they want to be more than just one sex only like say a girl fell in love with her bestfriend because she was a lot better than a guy but still loved another guy.That is being bisexual
Kera loved Allison
Kera loved Josh
That is being bisexual
by Kayhill January 24, 2006
Bisexual means a person who is attracted to both the male and female sex. In recent years, it has been used by many so-called "punk rock" artists to describe themselves because it sells records. Teenage girls, who notoriously like gay guys, think "OH MY GOD HE'S GAY BUT I COULD STILL GET LAID BY HIM!" Hence the record sales. People guilty of this faggotry include Gerard Way, Billy Joe Armstrong, and that one guy from The Used.
Stupid teenage girl: Like OH MY GOD! GERARD WAY IS BISEXUAL! OH MY GOD!
Smart Teenage Girl: *slaps girl 1*
by Kurt F October 27, 2007
a girl or male gender who is willing to make commitment to either sexes. being bi-sexual is not JUST being attracted to the same sex and the opposite sex. being bi-sexual is wanting a relationship or else it's just being attracted and not being bi-sexual.
Sally thinks Amanda is cute and pretty but she wants more like a relationship

(she is bisexual)

Melissa thinks Amanda is cute and pretty but she is just 'attracted' but she does not want a relationship.

(she is not bisexual)
by Contagious November 24, 2006
a gay or a lesbian
person1. hey dude just see that fuckin' hot ass what a hot bitch is !
person2. surely i know she is bisexual i saw her havin' sex trisome
by guskdhere June 18, 2011

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